Proposal writing Training and Bid Management Training

Proposal Writing Training: Learn successful bid and proposal writing techniques from a hands on practitioner.

Bid proposal writing is an art which takes time to develop – can you afford to the time and unsuccessful bids involved in building that expertise? If not we can fast track your business by offering dedicated bid writing training to you or your staff.

The aim of our proposal writing training and bid management training is to leave you in a position where you are able to write a bid response successfully under your own steam or with a minimum of external support.

Course focus will be bespoke (e.g. pricing or response writing) to meet your needs after discussing your goals, current processes and resources.

Courses are usually held on your premises and restricted to your staff so that we can address your specific needs.

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A typical one day course will include the following elements which can be tailored to meet your needs:

  • Sourcing leads – here we look at OJEU and third party sources      however if you use the materials on this site you can get up to speed on      lead generation and we can concentrate on teaching you how to win business
  • Content – in this section we discuss proposal writing and the best      way to present your proposition in public sector responses to invitations      to tender. Meaningfully differentiating your business from the competition      is not easy but we can help to bring out the difference.
  • Time Management – this is key as there is a set process and a set timetable you must adhere to. If you or your team get this wrong you will either miss the submission deadline, rush completion or focus on the wrong elements of the submission- probably the commonest error.
  • Pricing Strategy – You know your market better than anyone but we      help you to stand back and review your strategy which will be influenced      by factors such as: competition -many or few; is there a price war      underway; is your product or service unique or commoditised? There are      many other factors to consider
  • Presentations – Luckily for us there are many poor presentations      out there that are rehashed and sent out with little thought for the      audience. We will help you develop templates and a way of positioning your      organisation and service so that each presentation is refreshed and      relevant.

Cost / Price Modelling Training

Covering an important element of bid management training in detail, this is a specialist one day course given by a Microsoft Office Specialist accredited excel trainer with considerable experience in developing pricing and costing models.

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