Interim Bid Managers

The last time I recruited a bid team for a client it took nearly six months. The client put in a large number of bids over the course of a year so the investment in a full time team was justified. However if you need resource on an occasional basis, an interim manager or bid writer will often be the best choice – Why?

  • Experience - Interim or contract bid managers gain a breadth of experience from a range of clients that bid managers working for a single organisation cannot be expected to achieve. The interim will also bring high level commercial skills covering costing, pricing and contractual issues.
  • Cost – Your outsourced bid management costs ends the moment the contract ends.
  • Training – A good interim bid manager will by default create a library of documents that you can use as a template for subsequent bids. This means you can try and complete the next bid yourself or if you get an interim back in he or she will not be starting from scratch and so their time costs will be less.
  • Interim bid managers Hit the ground running - interim managers are used to fitting into new environments quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

This service does not just apply to bidding for public sector tenders, sales proposals for invitations to tender or RFQ’s for private sector prospects can also benefit from outsourced interim mangers

If you would like to know more about hiring an interim or contract bid managemer then please do not hesitate to contact me or call me on 07903 718 452

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