Bid Management Case Study

How outsourced bid writing and bid management produced gains for a major public sector provider.

 The Results:

  •  Wins during the first year of over £4m of sales in contracts of one to five year duration were generated by Profecy.
  • Better lead qualification to eliminate abandoned partially completed bids
  • More successfull Pre Qualification Questionnaires with a faster turnaround
  • Better management information and reporting.
  • Better control of margins.

The Client is a major supplier of property management services to the commercial and public sectors and  had been placing bids using the existing sales and marketing resource for whom bid management was not a core service. They engaged Profecy to address four issues:

  • The Client needed a means of freeing up resources to concentrate on the long term aims of the business
  • The need for a lead qualification process to minimise wasted effort on unwinnable bids.
  • A need to deliver consistent, high quality bids that demonstrated the benefits the Client could offer.
  • A need for a consistent pricing strategy

The Solution

  • Win / Loss review:  A review of past performance identified issues with content and a problem bidding in markets which were non-core and in which the Client had no real strategic desire to enter.
  • Document Standardisation. By speaking to Finance, Operations, Health and Safety and Sales, a standard set of responses were established to streamline the pre qualification questionnaire (PQQ) process which had previously relied upon inputs from each department on a tender by tender basis. A core proposal template was developed which could be tailored to reflect the specific needs of each bid. A planning template was also developed to manage each stage of multiple bids being produced simultaneously
  •  Proposition Development:The Client had an excellent value proposition and commitment to quality that was not brought out in its bid proposals. By speaking to management and the workforce the value proposition built on value for money, quality control and innovation was identified.
  • Pricing: Cost/ pricing models were validated and re-specified to give ease of use and consistency in pricing across the business

Post Script As the business grew under its new management team, it became necessary for Profecy to recruit and train a full time bid team which now continues to generate large revenue streams. If you need more information please email me or call on 07903 718 452


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