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Bid Management – The key to Winning Government Tenders and Contracts

For many businesses, winning government contracts is an elusive goal that seems always beyond their grasp. They are stuck at either the prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) stage or they get past the PQQ but fail to bid successfully and win the invitation to tender (ITT).
So, if you need help please contact me, Marinko, on 07903 718452 or email me so that I can understand the problems you are having and develop a bespoke solution for you which may involve training or a temporary bid manager or both.

My Background
I started in bid management in 1996 in a large business which didn’t have a bid management function. By starting from scratch I had to go through all the failed PQQ’s and unsuccessful bid proposals that some of you are going through now. In the end though, I was running a four man bid team and bringing in significant amounts of profitable revenue.

The good news is that completing a PQQ successfully once, usually means that you will get through to the bidding stage for all subsequent ITT’s or RFQ’s so it is worth investing some time in getting it right. I can help in this area by reviewing the PQQ’s you have submitted within the context of what your business does and what type and value of work are you bidding for. Doing this review properly and correcting the errors takes time which is why I don’t offer free PQQ reviews as a way of winning business but once you have successfully completed your first PQQ and I have explained where you were going wrong you will be able to complete subsequent pre qualification questionnaires quickly and successfully on your own.

Similarly, once you know how to write a compliant bid response your subsequent responses to invitations to tender bids will probably only be lost on price. By compliant I mean you have scored as highly as your business can by completing all the questions in the ITT in a way that gives the buyers confidence in your ability to deliver the product or service.

I can help you through the PQQ stage, write compliant bids and work with you to develop successful pricing strategies so if you would like more information please contact me, Marinko, on 07903 718452 or email me

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How to make a bid managers life easier

A tender notice came out in mid-February which helpfully listed all the grounds on which a bidder would be disqualified from bidding for the tender –great idea, could avoid a wasted bid.
Lower down in the tender contract notice though the procurement officers wrote:

A required minimum level of turnover for companies wishing to participate in this process is identified in the PQQ documentation.

A turnover limit could be a major stumbling block for some smaller companies, so wouldn’t it have been more sensible to state the limit in the OJEU contract notice and save a lot of time getting to the PQQ only to find they’re too small to bid anyway?

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