B2B Pricing and Bid Management Support -Growing Profits through better pricing strategies and better proposals

I work with companies to improve their sales and profitability. So, if you know your pricing strategy is not right and you feel you deserve better prices or, if you’re not winning  contracts when you know that you have a better service than your competitors then contact me to discuss the problems or barriers you are trying to overcome

I set up Profecy eight years ago to support businesses in the two areas where I have strong and broad experience: pricing strategy and bid management.

I refer to what I do as hands-on support rather than consultancy and by hands-on I mean that I originally performed pricing and bid management services either as an employee or director thoroughly embedded in the businesses I served. I make this point because many consultants have only ever worked as consultants and have never had to stand by their advice in front of their clients prospects – I know how it feels to go in front of a prospect and present a price increase or to have to convince sales executives that if they price higher the world will not end.

So, for example I will not, at the end of a pricing exercise for example, walk away leaving you with the answer “the price should be £X “. Instead I will work with you to develop a way of selling this in to your clients and prospects

Similarly, in a bid management project I will continue to work with you on getting through any post submission interview or presentation stages.

If you think I can help please do not hesitate to contact me on 07903 718 452 or email me
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